How To Find The Right Lawyer

Many people think that all lawyers are the same and can handle any type of legal matter, just because they are lawyers. In reality, we are not and we cannot.

Lawyers, after practicing for a few years, often decide to limit the types of matters they handle. Some specialize in divorces, some in criminal law and some in real estate. Others specialize in personal injury and still others in corporate law, tax law or bankruptcy.

The most important thing for you to find out before you hire any lawyer is how experienced your lawyer is in handling the type of situation you need help with. The best real estate lawyer might not be very good at handling a tax issue. The best criminal lawyer might not be very good at handling an adoption.

Don’t hire a law firm, hire a lawyer. Talk to the lawyer who is actually going to be doing the work for you and find out how experienced he or she is in handling your specific need. The experience of the senior partner of the firm is not very important if a paralegal or an associate of the firm is going to be the one doing the work.

For the last fifteen years I have concentrated on the following limited areas:

  1. Elder Law which includes estate planning, powers of attorney, living wills, trusts and trust administration, probate, guardianships, etc. (The phrase “elder law” is unfortunate because every adult would be wise to prepare a power of attorney, living will and Will.)

  2. Commercial and residential real estate law which includes representing buyers and sellers, assisting in refinancing, landlord and tenant law, zoning and land use, etc.

  3. Business law including forming partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies.

If I have a client who needs a criminal lawyer, divorce lawyer, personal injury lawyer, labor lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer, etc., I can best represent my clients by referring them to other attorneys who are experts in their fields.

Do not be intimidated by lawyers. Most of us are regular people and we have varying personalities. When you decide to hire a lawyer, make sure you choose a lawyer that you are comfortable with and who does not intimidate you.